The NHS trust ‘gives companies higher marks in the tender process if they embrace Stonewall’s pro-trans ideology’

An NHS trust ‘is awarding companies vying for multi-million pound healthcare contracts higher marks in its tender process if they embrace the LGBT charity’s pro-trans ideology Stonewall,” one whistleblower said.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is scoring bidders on a scale of zero to four based on their answers to 35 questions on official tender documents to provide ostomy services at its hospitals.

The documents, for contracts worth millions of pounds, include five questions titled “Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index”, The telegraph reports.

They ask about the ‘diversity and inclusion strategies’ backed by Stonewall, which has been mired in controversy over its views on gender identity, and insist people should be able to access services single-sex based on the gender they identify as – not their biological gender.

The charity also called for the word ‘mothers’ to be replaced with the gender-neutral term ‘parent who gave birth’.

Channel 4, Ofsted and the Department of Health have all severed ties with Stonewall, while more than 700 nurses and midwives wrote to the Nursing and Midwifery Council detailing concerns about its stance on medical issues in February.

Stonewall’s workplace diversity program has been criticized for creating “woke” work environments that restrict free speech among staff.

Protesters hold a banner during a rally in Parliament Square in October last year calling on public bodies and private companies that are members of Stonewall to withdraw from the charity scheme

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust hospitals include Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lewisham University Hospital (pictured)

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust hospitals include Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lewisham University Hospital (pictured)

The nurses and midwives who signed the petition argued that the NMC’s affiliation with Stonewall prevented them from advocating for patients’ rights, as they are professionally obligated.

The first Stonewall question on the document, on the internal NHS website, reads: “Are you a member of the Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index?”

Bidders can then award a score of zero for “unable to understand” or “no confidence that the requirements will be met”.

Alternatively, the highest score of four may be awarded when there is a “high degree of confidence that the potential supplier’s proposal will meet the requirements”.

Stonewall’s questions are also given equal weighting with imperative medical questions, including training, length of hospital stay, patient satisfaction and risk assessments.

Another of the questions asks, “Do you have a policy that explicitly prohibits discrimination, bullying, and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity?” »

And the others read “Do you monitor incidents of bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity?…Do you have a workplace transition policy?…Do you have a strategy of diversity and inclusion?

The contract falls under the Guys and St Thomas NHS trust’s supply group, with the whistleblower fearing it has become a standard model used by NHS trusts in London.

The documents must provide ostomy services, namely an opening made in the stomach during a colostomy or ileostomy procedure.

The whistleblower said: ‘The result is that the NHS could accept a tender from a company offering an inferior product or a higher price based on Stonewall membership.’

“To put it another way, the NHS is willing to compromise on patient care to promote Stonewall. It should be stressed that these are very large and important contracts worth millions of pounds over many years for the winning companies.

“I would like to find a way to draw people’s attention to this and hopefully bring the NHS back to putting people’s health before virtue signaling and political campaigning.

“Currently, a state-funded service is pressuring private companies to donate money to a far-left misogynistic campaign group.”

Stonewall’s Champions of Diversity program is a membership program for employers that aims to make their workplace a space where LGBT+ staff can feel free to be themselves.

Organizations pay thousands of pounds to be part of the scheme, which allows them to use Stonewall logos and promotional materials and access training to make their workplace LGBT+ friendly.

Six NHS organizations were included in Stonewall’s ‘Top 100 Employers’ this year, including NHS England.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Hospitals include Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lewisham University Hospital – as well as other health services in the borough of Lewisham.

A spokesperson for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘Under national guidelines, NHS trusts are required to apply a 10% social value weighting to tenders.

“This includes environmental, economic and social issues and is one of a number of factors we consider when purchasing services.”

The statement added: “These particular issues do not constitute a standard bidding framework for two other trusts he supports.”

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