Start of tendering process for executive enclave projects of Rs 1,171 Crore

The government has launched the tendering process for the construction of the Executive Enclave in the Central Vista area in Lutyens’ Delhi, which will have a new Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), a cabinet secretariat, the House of India and the Secretariat of the National Security Council (NSCS) at an estimated cost of Rs 1,171 crore.

While the PMO, Cabinet Secretariat and NSCS will be four-story buildings each with a basement, the India House will be two-story with a basement.

According to sources, all proposed buildings in the Central Vista area comply with the Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone (LBZ) principle, which is not to exceed the height of mature trees.

The Central Directorate of Public Works (CPWD) under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched a call for tenders for the prequalification of the call for tenders.

The construction will be completed in 24 months from the date of award of the works, which means by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The total covered area of ​​the proposed building is approximately 87,915 square meters, including the basement area of ​​approximately 20,879 m². .

According to the tender document, the height of PMO, cabinet secretariat and NSCS would be around 19 meters. The 9.5-meter-high India House will be used as a conference room to accommodate foreign dignitaries and for official engagements on the lines to Hyderabad House.

These buildings will come onto the land near South Block where the defense barracks are currently located. The government has started the process of moving employees and offices from the huts to the two new buildings that have emerged on Africa Avenue.

Once this area has been fully liberated, the new Prime Minister’s residence (PMR) will also see the light of day. When obtaining the environmental clearance, the CPWD had clubbed all these projects into a single component on 15 acres.

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