St. Louis County Jail Using Phone Provider Previously Dismissed After Bidding Process Called Into Question | Law and order


“It seems to me that it was deliberately planned to go around the board, probably thinking that we would be asking too many questions like we did last year,” he told the Post-Dispatch last week. . “I think the board deserves an explanation of how this happened and who was involved in making these decisions.”

Board chair Rita Heard Days of District D-1 said she was not questioning the merits of the prison’s new phone and tablet service, but said the contract should have been launched for tender.

“It seems to me that we didn’t get what we wanted through the tendering process, but then you went through the state co-op,” she said. “You obviously went ahead and awarded the contract without input from the board. It seems a bit misleading.

Councilor Lisa Clancy, of District D-5, who, as council chair in 2020, abandoned the Securus contract on the recommendation of purchasing officials, said she was “happy” to see inmates having access to the shelves and that there was “no evidence that anything was done to secure this new contract which was inappropriate.”

City Councilor Ernie Trakas, from District R-6, said the service’s nomination would have subjected it to council policy and delays.

“Considering the prior review of this contract and the fact that it is legal in the way it has gone now, I have no problem,” he said.

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