Split-tender process for Gloversville park project saves $62,000

Nah-Jheir, left, and Diamond play a one-on-one game at the Elk Street basketball court in Gloversville last summer.

GLOVERSVILLE – The decision to split the bidding process into two parts for the Gloversville project to put up fencing and a new sidewalk for the Elk Street Park expansion appears to have saved the city about $62,648 $.

On Tuesday evening, Common Council voted 6-0 to approve the price of the lowest bid received for the sidewalk improvement portion of the park project – $14,972 from contractor Brick N Mortar Construction – and the lowest bidder for the grading and new fence portion of the project – $21,380 from RM Fence & Deck Solutions LLC.

Mayor Vince DeSantis said the city originally tried to solicit competitive bids for the entire project from a single contractor, but only received one bid of $99,000 from ‘Adamo Infra LLC, of ​​Albany.

“This auction was about three times [the cost of] what we expected for a job like this,” DeSantis said. “So we had a choice; we could either take the one offer or reject the offer and go back to expand our network and get more offers, and we did, and we got a lot more interest.

The two contracts for the Elk Street Park project approved by City Council on Tuesday night cost $36,352.

According to the resolutions approved by council, these are the bids received in ascending order of cost for the replacement of 186 feet of concrete sidewalk in front of the park, including the replacement of curbs as needed and the addition of terraces for new trees.

  • Brick and mortar construction – $14,972
  • RM LLC Fence and Deck Solutions – $30,190
  • General Contractors Stephen Miller Inc. — $32,278
  • Adamo Infra, LLC – $41,000
  • Boundary excavation and fencing – $49,275

These were bids received in ascending order of cost for the installation of approximately 200 feet of four foot black aluminum fencing with an eight foot high gate and a five foot high gate built to seal off the path pavement used for city public works vehicles crossing the park:

  • RM LLC Fence and Deck Solutions – $21,380
  • General Contractors Stephen Miller Inc. — $23,500
  • Boundary excavation and fencing – $32,000

DeSantis said a significant portion of the savings from the two bids for the Elk Street Park project came from contractor Brick N Mortar Construction offering less than half the price of the next lowest bid for the work sidewalk improvements.

“It was much lower than the other offers, but we checked all the references of this contractor, and everything went well,” said the mayor. “It was the big savings.”

When the Elk Street Park project was first announced, it was explained that the cost of the work would be paid for from the $250,000 Environmental Justice Fund portion of the $1.5 million federal funding from Gloversville under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). City officials said they plan to build a “Tot field” similar to the park created by the city Recreation Commission on Spring Street.

“We will be hiring the contractors and planning the work soon,” DeSantis said. “We had asked them if they would be available straight away, so I think it will be very soon. Hopefully things will start before the end of the month.

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