Ricketts family get patronage in Chelsea bidding process

Bidders shortlisted by the Raine Group to buy Chelsea are angry with the Ricketts family for breaking the rules of the bidding process.

The Ricketts family faced stiff opposition to the takeover of Chelsea FC by Chelsea fans after alleged Islamophobic comments by Joe Ricketts in 2019. But after that, Tom Ricketts managed to arrange a meeting with the former player of Chelsea Paul Canoville, who was the club’s first. black footballer.

The temperature report that this meeting was allegedly facilitated by US group Raine and Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck, despite rules stating that no attempt could be made to contact Chelsea executives throughout the bidding process .

Current owner Roman Abramovich (right) put the club up for sale but was sanctioned a week later by the British government over his links to Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) after the invasion of Ukraine.

Additionally, the meeting is said to have taken place inside the club’s Canoville suite, where Gary Trowsdale of the Canoville Foundation claims he gave (Tom) Ricketts a ‘severe toast’ and forced an apology for comments from those close to him .

However, the question remains as to why Ricketts was even able to arrange this meeting, given that the bidding rules prohibited such actions.

The Raine group is said to already have a close relationship with the familywhich led some of the other shortlisted candidates to view this as preferential treatment

One of the bid advisers said: “If they want the Ricketts family to buy the club from Roman Abramovich, tell us now and save us the hard work.”

Chelsea fans will no doubt have their say over who they want to take over, and Chelsea Supporter’s Trust have previously expressed doubts over ownership of the Ricketts family.

Other auctions include consortia led by Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly, Sir Martin Broughton and Stephen Pagliuca.

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