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Aurangabad: To ensure that contractors take sufficient precautions and safety measures when carrying out works and contracts obtained from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), the authorities here are considering introducing a lower number of accidents, including fatalities, as a pre-qualification criterion for the tender process.
With this move, the Aurangabad The region is set to become the first in the country to have such a condition as a pre-requisite for bagging work with the power utility.
Co-Director General of MSEDCL Dr Mangesh Gondawale told TOI: “To begin with, it will be mandatory for contractors to disclose the total number of accidents that have occurred while performing work under their license.”
He said that to save money, contractors have been found to avoid hiring qualified personnel, failing to provide safety equipment and failing to take mandatory site precautions.
“There are specific guidelines that at least qualified ITI personnel must be present for field works, but contractors are not following them, citing the lack of availability of qualified personnel,” Gondawale said.
Once the decision to add the criteria is finalized, it will be mentioned in the tender dossier and only those meeting the said conditions will be admitted to compete for the offers.
“Introducing such criteria will make contractors more responsible for the overall safety of their employees and it will prevent loss of life,” said another senior official present at the meeting.
The first meeting with all stakeholders was convened by Gondawale on July 8 to express his concerns about the increase in accidents during the works of the MSEDCL. In the afternoon of the same day, four contract workers working for one of the MSEDCL contractors died from electrocution while laying power cables in rural Kannad area of ​​Aurangabad district.


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