Ministry seeks approval to replace deteriorated manhole without following tender process

ROCK SPRINGS — The City of Rock Springs Department of Engineering, Operations and Utilities is seeking permission from the Rock Springs City Council to replace a deteriorated manhole without going through the formal bidding process.

According to a letter to the board from Paul Kauchich, director of engineering, operations and utilities, the city may waive a formal bidding process pursuant to state law 15-1-113. of Wyoming for emergency maintenance. The lowest bid of $100,500 for emergency work came from Longhorn Construction.

“Water reclamation facility staff recently discovered a manhole at the intersection of Center Street and Grant Street in poor condition. Main line has concrete partially blocking pipe flow line.

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When personnel entered the manhole to remove the blockage, they quickly discovered that the manhole walls were collapsing. There are several places where dirt voids can be seen through the manhole walls, a letter says.

“The team immediately left the manhole because it is not safe to work, ‘The manhole will continue to deteriorate and may cause the street to collapse in the future,'” according to description of the replacement project “This manhole is a main collection manhole serving approximately 35% of the total wastewater contributed to the water reclamation facility.”

This particular manhole serves 9th Street to the east and the golf course to the north. Since the state manhole is on a Wyoming Department of Transportation road, the reclamation personnel elected to pursue acquisition of proposals to expedite the manhole replacement, indicates the description.

To read the full Contingency Plan Application and supporting documents, click here.

other business

The Board will also consider a resolution to approve a $493,550 grant agreement offer between the US DOT Federal Aviation Administration and the City of Rock Springs for Phase III of the terminal expansion.

As part of the presentations, Council will hear from representatives of Wyoming Game and Fish regarding deer regulations.

The Board will consider appointing Mike Shaw to his first term on the Board of Adjustment, Mark Kot to his first term on the Board of Adjustment and Matt McBurnett to his second term on the Joint Powers Telecom Board.

To view the entire Council file, click on here. City Council will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6 at City Hall.

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