LHC suspends tender process

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday barred the Pakistani Medical Commission (PMC) from finalizing the tender process for the purchase of computerized examination services to conduct the medical and medical college admission test. dentistry (MDCAT).

Judge Jawad Hassan has adopted the stay order of a motion filed by M / s Superior Connections Pvt Ltd challenging the tender notice published on November 24, 2021 published in national and international newspapers by the PMC.

At the start of the hearing, the applicant’s lawyer, Saad Rasool, applied to the court for leave to challenge M / s SOAR Testing Private Limited, which had won the previous bid for the tests, as the defendant. in the query. Leave has been granted.

The lawyer argued that the petitioner / company provided facilities in education, media, healthcare and information and technology and that he was aggrieved by the action of the PMC to publish the disputed tender document in favor of the respondent (SOAR Testing) knocked on the door of the court.

He said that the PMC had previously purchased the services of the defendant company without adopting the principle of transparency in the tendering process.

Counsel pointed out that the educational background of a number of students, who were to be included in the MDCAT, was at issue and that the complainant was the only company that met the criteria mentioned in the contested assessment criteria.

He said the National Assembly, after discussing in detail the current PMC and MDCAT issues at a meeting on November 11, also felt that the company that previously provided the services should be blacklisted. and that the PMC should carry over the MDCAT through the universities.

Counsel Rasool argued that the criteria set out in the tender were of a severe nature and sufficient to foreclose all competitors providing the services.

Justice Hassan sent notices to the respondents for December 20 and ordered a court officer to seek directions from the quarter (s) concerned and also ensure that the respondents submit a report and lazy comments. The PMC had invited the tender documents no later than December 9. , which were to be opened on the same day.

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