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Updated on Tuesday 2 November 2021, 14:20 by Denis Chabrol

Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

Amid continued US concerns about the transparency and quality of China’s funded infrastructure projects, Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo said Chinese loans are more flexible and Guyana’s procurement process is open “.

“We made it clear to everyone. No funding from anyone comes with political conditions, but Chinese funding is readily available to the world and we believe, like the rest of the region, that we need to explore friends and partners from all parts of the world. He said at a press conference on Monday. Mr Jagdeo cited efforts to secure € 103 million from Austria for the construction of a hospital for children and mothers, but Guyana should have immediately deducted € 13 million as “upfront costs” and repay that with the obligation to use one of their pre-approved contractors. He said that India and the United States stipulate that contractors from these countries should be used.

His comments were made on Monday, the same day the government announced that the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) had been granted permission to construct the new Demerara Port Bridge at a cost of US $ 256,638,289 and that China Railway Group Limited has been selected to begin design-build-finance negotiations for the 165 megawatt hydroelectric power station at Amaila Falls.

Vice President Jagdeo said Guyana would explore “all sources of funding” and make decisions based on the best deals based on an “open” process by US, UK, Chinese and other companies. “We have to build the bridge, we have to build the hydropower and we’ve gone through an open process. This is what we are committed to. We are committed to opening processes, ”he said.

The seven-member National Public Procurement and Tendering Administration Council includes two candidates from the Civic Progressive People’s Party (PPPC), Gloria Beharry and Steve Ninvalle. Mr. Desmond Mohammed had previously served in the senior management of the then Guyana Broadcasting Corporation.

The President and CEO of the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) of the United States, Adam Boehler, said during a visit to Guyana in October 2020 that the US government was keen to win tenders and to provide quality infrastructure built by local labor. “Our focus on high quality projects and on the local workforce to drive them. “

A number of Chinese projects such as the Skeldon Sugar Factory, the Arthur Chung Conference Center, and the Marriott-branded state hotel have had some flaws. “I know there have been disappointments here. I will tell you that it may not always be the fastest but I will be committed to being the best with an emphasis on high quality infrastructure but, no! that we support anyone who comes forward as long as the offer is competitive, open, transparent and the emphasis is on high-quality, long-term investments in Guyana, ”he said.

DFC has US $ 60 billion to invest in globally.

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