Consistency is key as LA Rams’ Cam Akers target second wave

Cam Akers didn’t start in his freshman year for the Los Angeles Rams, but after a great second half of the season and some huge playoff performances, he’s aiming for a more consistent impact in his second season in the league. NFL. .

Drafted in the second round from Florida State, Akers only rushed for 50 yards once in his first six games, but he was a different beast in the streak.

As of Week 12, Akers had 424 rushing yards averaging 4.46 yards per carry, with his most impressive performance in the regular season coming when he racked up 171 rushing yards in the week’s win. 14 against the New England Patriots.

He continued his impressive playoff form, finishing with 131 yards and a touchdown in the win over the Seattle Seahawks and added 90 yards and a score as the Rams were eliminated in the Divisional Round by the Green Bay Packers. .

Asked what made the difference in the second half of the season, Akers said: “Just consistency, just locking in every day in practices, meetings, just making sure I’m invested in 100% in everything and in every way.

“That’s how it has to be, you have to be 100% invested. I don’t want to say I wasn’t before, but I’m just getting in there and doing it. In the middle of season, you could see that switch flipping.”

If there was ever a time that switch flipped, it was in Week 12 when Akers broke up a long 61-yard run late in the third quarter against the San Francisco 49ers. He scored a few plays later to give the Rams a 20-17 lead.

Los Angeles then suffered a surprise 23-20 loss, but it marked a turning point in the season for Akers, who thrived from then on despite steadily stacking cards. According to the NFL NextGen Statistics, Akers faced eight or more defenders in the box on 37.93% of their runs. Only three backs have faced stacked boxes more frequently.

Depending on how the passing game plays out with Matthew Stafford replacing Jared Goff at center, Akers could benefit from lighter boxes in 2021. However, he understands the importance of making sure his body is ready for the punishment of a full season of 16 games.

“Building my body, getting ready for the season, it’s a long season,” Akers said of his focus this offseason. “Basically, I know what to expect now.”

Akers was speaking on Panini’s virtual radio. Panini America is welcoming several 2020 NFL rookies as they finish signing their most requested 2020 rookie cards.

On why he got involved with Panini, Akers said: “Just to give people what they want, let it be signatures not just from me but from players, that’s the ultimate goal of giving fans what they want, a nice collectible card.”

He knows what to expect in 2021 and opposing defenses know he is a dangerous threat on the pitch. If Akers replicates his efforts in the second half of the season throughout his second campaign, his cards will be in even greater demand.

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