City of Jacksonville faces unusual tendering process for pavilion roof replacement due to COVID-19 complications – WLDS

The city of Jacksonville is in a situation where many municipalities find themselves when it comes to construction and capital overlay projects.

The City had to go through a strange bidding and ordinance process as bidders for a roof replacement project could not come up with solid numbers due to fluctuating material prices and problems with construction. availability of materials related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reg Benton, chief engineer at Benton & Associates, said the city had to reject an original offer from a Springfield roofing contractor and accept one it had to send to the city for the pavilion roof replacement McGee-Spaulding at Nichols Park: “In this particular case, it was asphalt shingles that almost every home had that was hard to put a price on the offer. Roofers specializing in this type of work had difficulty acquiring the necessary materials to be able to complete the project in the original tender documents.

Benton says this is not an uncommon problem for the projects his company is managing right now: “We see [problems] in various ways. There are some materials that are literally not available at all. In that case [with the shingles], they became available, but they just haven’t been able to lock in prices as would normally happen in a municipal public tendering process. In this case, the materials became available. The contractor had enough foresight to go ahead and buy some shingles, as I think, as part of a business development effort; we are therefore in a position to move this project forward. There are projects that involve other building materials that they are literally not available and the vendors don’t seem to know why.

The city approved the new bid for the roof at a cost of $ 89,000.36 from the sole bidder. Benton says he thinks that due to labor issues, many contractors may not have time to adjust to projects or bid on projects like this: ” I suspect that there are [issues with smaller contractors], but I think for the most part we have a much smaller workforce in general, so these entrepreneurs, especially at this time of year, already have a fair amount of work and are probably already busy, which was also a factor in the way a lot of people bid on this city project.

Roof replacement should begin as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the pavilion, which has undergone extensive internal renovations by the city over the past two years.

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