City denies excluding black-owned promoters from Formula E bidding process



Through Chevon Booysen August 19, 2021

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Cape Town – Black-owned promotion company Cape Town Grand Prix SA (CTGPSA) has accused the city of hijacking intellectual property from the Formula E event taking place in Cape Town in February.

The company said its first engagement with the city to bring the sport to Cape Town was in 2007 and that in 2019 a formal nomination was submitted.

According to CTGPSA, they were alongside e-Movement vying to host the Formula E Grand Prix event, but were snubbed by City in a trend that had started to emerge.

The city, however, denies snubbing the CTGPSA because discussions with the promoter “centered around Formula 1, and Formula E was never part of the discussion.”

CTGPSA spokeswoman Esther Henderson said she was forced to engage the city in 2019 over not having had a fair opportunity in the city’s decision-making process.

“We had already announced that we had investors ready to fund all the social, economic, environmental and related impact studies, and all we needed was the approval and support of the City, which never been available, ”said Henderson.

CTGPSA detailed a number of engagements held with the city and Mayor Dan Plato in August 2019, where they met Leonora de Souza-Zilwa, from the city’s events department, and presented the nomination proposal and “have left the detailed brochure behind “.

No further commitments were made until the recent announcement by Plato that the event would be held in Cape Town, which unveiled the Formula E track, which CTGPSA claims to have “recognized as our concept with regard to the location and the urban circuit initially created in 1999 and further developed and refined in 2011 ”.

“This was a direct copyright infringement and intellectual property (IP) violation of the CTGPSA track and concept patented in 2005, and officially released to media in January 2011,” said Henderson.

The City said officials made CTGPSA meet City support requirements and obtained a letter of approval.

“Following discussions on the City’s event support processes, the CTGPSA was invited to submit a request as required by City law and policy. The City has never received a request for event support from CTGPSA for Formula 1 or Formula E. It is important to note that the City did not participate in the tender process for Formula E, nor made a decision on the South African agent to run the Cape stage of Formula E, ”the city said.

Polled on the stolen location and the circuit concept, the City made no comment.

“CTGPSA has never been prohibited from requesting assistance. In fact, they were invited to submit their application and even received information on how to go about making their Formula 1 proposal. The request will be considered as any other event proposal if the CTGPSA makes a submission to the City. », Declared the City.

CTGPSA Managing Director Igshaan Amlay said their candidacy was based on honesty and integrity, with a vision to leave a legacy and that the “struggle continues, but only this time for economic freedom.”

“The position we take is not just for us, but for everyone who will come after us, maybe even find themselves in a similar boat right now. Our determination is reinforced to bring the Formula 1 Grand Prix to a street circuit in the sports tourism district of Green Point in Cape Town, ”said Amlay.

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