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A change in bidding procedures for those wishing to purchase properties at county tax receivables auctions is a common sense decision that should have been made years ago.

As reported at Thursday’s Mifflin County Commissioners meeting, potential bidders will no longer be able to come forward and bid. Instead, they will go through a registration process that will allow municipalities to approve or oppose specific bidders. This process must be completed 10 days prior to the tax sale so that the list of registered bidders can be distributed to officials in the region for review.

In the past, some people have fallen behind on their tax obligations, brought a property into the tax debt auction process, created an LLC, and then bought the property back. Others buy properties at auction but quickly find themselves making repairs, which leads to a property that continues to deteriorate. Other bidders buy dozens of properties and cannot maintain all of them.

The registration process will eliminate those who have unpaid taxes or own properties that have code violations.

It will also allow those running the auctions to avoid worrying about procrastinators showing up on auction day to register, which will slow down the process for others.

This is a good change and we are confident that the right people at our local county tax claims offices will ensure that those who legitimately wish to go through the process can do so as easily as possible.

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