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The owner of a Union Township paving company was the highest bidder on Tuesday for the purchase of the former Caravan II Albergo property.

Three other bidders withdrew from the special auction when Jarrod Zarlingo, owner of Z’s Paving, was the last potential buyer to hold an auction card. He secured the sale for the purchase price of $ 123,000.

The auction was led by county tax claims director Artisha Foster on the advice of county attorney Jason Medure.

The sale was for the 11.23 acre property located at 1465 Sampson Street / Route 422 West, formerly the site of a Holiday Inn and later a church.

This hotel burned down in the late 1970s and the building was most recently owned by Andrew and Linda Menichino and Innovative Construction Co. of Greenville.

In recent years, they rented out some of the remaining rooms and operated a restaurant and bar in the main building.

The county put the property up for sale for a clear, free tax earlier this year because the owners were $ 483,368 in back taxes.

The property has been sold free and clear of all taxes due and municipal debts, mortgages, liens and other charges.

The owner of the property had previously requested a stay of the sale in court on several occasions, but the president, Judge Dominick Motto, dismissed the most recent request in July.

County commissioners had successfully fought a final stay motion in federal bankruptcy court filed by hotel owners, who were trying to retain ownership of the property.

They had not paid property taxes on the building or land since they bought it in 2009, according to county tax claim records. Taxes were unpaid, with penalties, for the County, Union Township and Union Region School District.

Medure said Tuesday that about $ 26,000 in fees, including a real estate transfer tax, advertising fees and other charges, would be returned to the county from the proceeds of the sale. After that, the amount would be divided among the three tax bodies – the county, the township of Union and the school district of the Union region.

The auction started at $ 26,491.75. After reaching $ 66,000, one of the four bidders dropped out. After $ 84,000, the second bidder gave up. The two remaining bidders raised the price to $ 122,000 when the third bidder sold the sale to Zarlingo. The process took five minutes.

“It’s the fastest sale we’ve ever had,” commented Foster.

Money for the property was due at the tax claims office late Tuesday, and all sales are final, Medure said.

It takes 30 days for the sale to go to court for confirmation, he said, adding that the new owner will receive the deed within 60 days.

An attempt to contact Zarlingo about his plans for the property failed Tuesday afternoon.

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