Cape Town’s Formula E bidding process questioned: “What process was followed? “


Cape Town – Cape Town’s bidding process for the Formula E race, due to take place next year, has been called into question by Cape Town Grand Prix SA.

Cape Town Grand Prix SA (CTGPSA), the promoters of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Formula E Grand Prix street circuit, in the sports tourism district of Green Point, said they were once again “completely disbelieving in the blatant disregard for a fair and transparent Formula E Grand Prix bidding process.

CTGPSA and eMovement – the promoters of the Cape Town stage of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship – were both vying as candidates to host the race in Cape Town.

CTGPSA said it had already engaged the City to address this very problem, however, they added that a trend has started to emerge – where previously underprivileged small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) appear to be being pushed into the background. ‘difference.

The promoters recounted how, since 2017, he has engaged the City and that in 2019, the CTGPSA requested a meeting with Mayor Dan Plato, which took place on August 15, but that they “were greeted with a dismissive attitude and not considering the possibility of presenting our proposal during the discussions, as she participated in the transparent tendering process ”(see full report below).

In a statement issued on Tuesday, CTGPSA said: “In a subsequent meeting with Leonora de Souza-Zilwa and her team on August 27, 2019, CTGPSA presented the offer proposal and left the detailed brochure behind.

“Unfortunately, approval or support has not yet been received,” CTGPSA said.

“The mayor’s announcement on July 8, 2021, announcing that Cape Town will host the 4th round of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship on February 26, 2022, once again took the CTGPSA by surprise, as no further communication or engagement has not been continued. by the City after the August 2019 meetings.

“Another announcement followed on July 28, 2021, unveiling the Formula E track – which we recognized as our concept, in terms of location and the street circuit, initially created in 1999, and further developed and refined in 2011, in consultation with F1 Circuit Designers and Consultants, ”said CTGPSA.

“This was a direct copyright infringement and intellectual property (IP) violation of the track and concept of CTGPSA, patented in 2005, and officially released to media in January 2011.

“The city of Cape Town has made it clear to CTGPSA that it will not contribute financially to any improvements or impact studies, even going so far as to report our offer in the media.

“Yet the city now plans to spend R44 million on road improvements,” CTGPSA said.

CTGPSA is seeking answers from Mayor Dan Plato and the city, on why long-standing bidders have been denied a fair and transparent opportunity.

“Why did the eMovement consortium win this Formula E offer? What process was followed? Where is the public participation process?

“Why did you deny us the approval, financial support and related processes and studies that you give to the eMovement consortium?”

“You missed an opportunity for CTGPSA and eMovement to come to the table, where an amicable joint effort could have been pursued towards a mutually beneficial collaboration, especially since it would offer our team a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience as we continue our bid to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix, ”said CTGPSA.

Igshaan Amlay, Managing Director of CTGPSA, added, “We have built this offering on honesty and integrity, and our vision is to leave a lasting legacy.

“The position we take is not just for us, but for everyone who will come after us, maybe even find themselves in a similar boat right now. Our determination is reinforced to bring the Formula 1 Grand Prix to a street circuit, in the Green Point Sport Tourism Precinct, in Cape Town.

“We believe this will mark another historic milestone for our nation and a pioneer by the people, for the people,” Amlay said.

Cape Town said it would respond to CTGPSA’s statement on Wednesday.

CTGPSA’s full statement can be read below:

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