Brazil: São Paulo launches new international bidding process to operate its state lottery

The government of the State of Sao Paulo resumed the process of officially launching its national lottery, publishing last week in the Official Journal the “Notice of international call for tenders SOG 02/2022 for the concession of the service to a private company”.

This process considers a 20 year operating lifeand the estimated value of the contract is 935.4 million reais (about $184.7 million). The call for tenders will entrust a private operator with the operation of fixed odds lottery (sports betting), specific prediction lottery, sports prediction lottery, digital prediction lottery, instant lottery and passive lottery.

The process provides for the delivery of envelopes with the documentation required for participation in the call for tenders on December 1, from 4:00 p.m. to 4:15 Public session To hold to B3 – São Paulo Stock Exchange.

Until November 16interested parties can send requests for clarifications and information on the offer by E-mailresponses will be sent to all interested parties on the website until November 24.

The legal and technical qualification documents must demonstrate the Bidder’s ability to carry out the planned activity in the international offer, in addition to the WLA, ISO 27.001, GLI-14, GLI-19, GLI-23 and GLI-33 security and responsible gaming certificationsand a RNG Certificate issued by an international certification body. The Secretariat for Budgets and Expenditures has defined the minimum payments for the modalities to be tendered, according to the following structure:

  • 45% for the digital prediction lottery;
  • 50% for the specific draw;
  • 55% for the sports prediction lottery;
  • 65% for the instant lottery;
  • 60% for the passive lottery; and
  • 70% for fixed odds lottery (sports betting).

Game patterns and required minimum payouts will be set by dealers. For the preparation of the proposal of the economic amounts and the possible formulation of the offers, the tenderers must take into account the fact that, for the delegation of the public service object of the concession, the concessionaire must pay to the conceding entity the amount offered in the form lump sum fee. This will be the criterion for judging the offer, and the highest amount will be taken into account as the fixed fee due, to be paid by the successful bidder as a condition of signing the contract, considering as the minimum fixed fee the amount of R 906 $303,455, as of the September 2022 record date.

The tender will be processed and judged in phases, initially analyze the price proposal, rank the proposals and process, if necessary, the oral bidding phase, then analyze the bid bond and the qualification documents, both from the bidder who proposed the best price proposal, in accordance with the Bidding Protocol.

The tender will be processed and awarded by the LSC, with operational support from B3 to assist in the conduct of the tender and related activities, subject to the provisions set out in the Tender Protocol. final offers.

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