BOC Streamlines Bidding Process | Local News

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners has joined a statewide group in hopes of streamlining and managing its bidding processes for upcoming projects.

According to a BOC press release, he has joined the Georgia Purchasing Group where he will post upcoming bidding opportunities on the system.

Georgia Purchasing Group consists of 24 participating agencies across the state to train a large pool of candidate suppliers.

Potential sellers can register online at the bidnet direct website. County joined the buying group last month.

The Georgia Purchasing Group is a one-stop online site for managing procurement information and activities and provides local Georgia government agencies with the tools to minimize costs and save time throughout the purchasing process, according to a BOC press release.

It is a free sourcing tool.

“Our valued suppliers can now save time and paper,” said LaTonya Ammons, director of purchasing for the BOC.

Ammons calls it a win for the county and potential sellers.

“They not only have direct access to our open offerings, but also those from other agencies across the state,” Ammons said. “We invite all of our current suppliers to register with the Georgia Purchasing Group to begin receiving business opportunities.”

One of the main benefits of joining the system is eliminating the paperwork process.

Joining the group will help the county and vendors save time.

The Georgia Purchasing Group offers a service to notify suppliers of new offers targeted to their industry, any addenda and advance notification of expiring futures contracts, according to the BOC press release.

Registered vendors have access not only to Douglas County auction opportunities, but also to all bids from participating agencies.

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