BidPrime exceeds 3 million bid document requests to help companies qualify opportunities

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We’ve invested heavily in our Austin-based teams, while harnessing the power of augmented intelligence to collect the only comprehensive resource on the market for bids and tender documents.

—Stephen Hetzel, Chief Operating Officer

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, June 2, 2022 / — Austin-based BidPrime today announced that its client services and research teams have completed the three millionth request for a bid document, since improving Document-on-demand service was implemented and offered to clients in 2015. To mark this milestone, BidPrime has partnered with L2 Productions, to conceptualize and produce this short film videowhich presents Docs on Demand with interesting and informative details.

Through the user interface, customers have the option to upload documents, if specifications are already available, or request documents, which tasks customer service or research teams with obtaining the documents, on behalf of the customer. It should be noted, and not included in the historical total, that customers can also easily view documents in the user interface.

Based on customer and business feedback and advice, BidPrime designers and engineers created and launched the first iteration of the current on-demand documents in 2015. Since then, the service has been further improved and streamlined, to include the previously mentioned View Documents option. .

Commenting on the impact of this feature, Anna Barnett, Vice President of Client Services, said, “While Docs on Demand has certainly helped grow the BidPrime business and brand, more importantly, it provided another opportunity to serve and benefit our customers.For years we have heard that companies are tired of wasting time and money searching for documents, being sent to endless vendor registration sites and waiting to receive important tender documents. Docs on Demand eliminates the frustration and waste of time and money.”

Docs on Demand aims to best position clients to qualify, pursue, and potentially win lucrative government contracts. A number of public sector bodies have their own internal procurement processes and policies, designed to comply with the law(s). In contrast, many agencies have implemented their own unique solutions, entered into agreements with third-party solutions that potentially charge potential vendors/plan holders, and/or aligned with other hard-to-source procurement solutions. access or use, costly, and inefficient in meeting approaching deadlines.

“Most small and medium-sized agencies lack effective mechanisms for sharing and distributing their tender documents with potential contractors and the general public,” according to Stephen Hetzel, COO of BidPrime. “We’ve invested heavily in our Austin-based teams, while harnessing the power of augmented intelligence to collect the only comprehensive resource in the market for bids and tender documents. Agencies and subcontractors Processors benefit greatly from our collection of this data, via a highly secure data sharing portal, which allows them to send updates directly to us.

BidPrime is in contact with over 120,000 government agencies across North America, providing ongoing, up-to-the-minute monitoring and updates on bids, tenders and solicitations from the public sector. Suppliers and contractors must register for a free, no-obligation trial to take advantage of BidPrime’s robust technology, services and support.

For more information about BidPrime or Docs on Demand, visit or call (888) 808-5356.


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