Atlantic County, NJ getting rid of paper for bidding process

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson has been a trailblazer over the past three decades when it comes to demonstrating a willingness to streamline operations.

Levinson was one of the first to talk about consolidating taxpayer-paid services in a variety of potential ways, including:

  • Purchasing consolidation
  • School Superintendent Consolidation
  • Sharing of employees between municipalities
  • Central/Considered Public Safety Dispatch

Levinson also implemented New Jersey County’s first-ever consolidated municipal court system, which is now a reality in Atlantic County.

Next on Levinson’s radar is getting rid of unnecessary paper and implementing a digital system for the public bidding process.

“This system will improve the process on both sides, for our staff and, more importantly, for our vendors,” said Dennis Levinson, County Manager of Atlantic.

“This will eliminate the costs for suppliers to hand-deliver bids or hire someone to do it for them. It will also provide automated notifications to tender vendors and check for errors if information was omitted prior to submission,” Levinson said.

The Atlantic County government awarded a $103,000 contract to a company named Bid Express during Q4 2021.

The necessary training has now taken place and paperless public tenders will begin later this summer.

Atlantic County Purchasing Manager Palma Conover confirmed the process will be safe and secure.

Sellers will be able to modify offers until the deadline.

Conover also confirmed that the goal is to be completely paperless by the end of 2022.

THE SOURCE: Atlantic County, Government of New Jersey.

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