Argentina: Mendoza province extends bidding process to operate online games for 60 days

According to what was published today in the newspaper of the province Official Gazettethe authorities of the Institute of Games and Casino of Mendoza (IPJyC for his initials in Spanish) extended for 60 days the opening of public auction No. 50603-0020-LPU22, for the granting of “licenses for the organization, development, operation, betting and marketing of online gaming activity, in its various modalities, by electronic means, computer, telematics or any other interactive means”.

In the text published today and signed by the President of the IPJyC of Mendoza, Dr. Ida Lópezthe opening date of the auction is set for January 17, 2023, at 12:00 p.m.

It should be recalled that the bidding process for online games in the province provides for the granting of a minimum of two and up to five licenses, for a duration of 10 years from the date of signing the contract.

In an exclusive dialogue with Yogonetthe president of the Institute explained thatt “the decision responds to the fact that more than two companies have requested the extension, and as it was provided in the tender conditions that in case two or more companies requested the modification of the conditions, the Institute had the possibility to grant it, so we decided to implement this measure “.

“During the analysis of these extension requests, we understood that the requests were well founded, in addition, we have technical reports that argue that it is better for the bidding process to grant a longer term which allows companies to submit their bids, and also promotes competition from a greater number of companies interested in this market, receiving more offers and having the best possible bidding process,” López added. .

Asked about the preference that the bidding process is considering, over gaming operators who already have a physical presence in the provinceand how this factor played into the participation of more competitors for one of the five online gaming licenses in play, Ida Lopez underlined: “We did not see any negative influence in this aspect .”

We have received inquiries from national and international companiesand we will now wait to see the offers that will come out of this process,” López noted. ” We can say that the interest was greatthis we have received many requests and we found that the regulations were well prepared in order to carry out a good bidding process”.

Finally, regarding the deadlines for issuing the first exploitation permits, López estimated that “the granting of licenses may vary over time, because of the different consultations and challenges” that may be part of the process.

It is very difficult to predict the exact time. But it is important to keep in mind that when analyzing proposals, one of the criteria taken into account in the programming grid is the execution time of each bidderit will therefore be up to the companies to assess these times and the chances of each company being one of those chosen in the bidding process,” López added. ” Say time is a factor to be valued, and we are convinced that the implementation will be done as soon as possible”.

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