Aai Launches Tender Process for Parallel Taxi Lane, Isolation Bay | Patna News

PATNA: After the state government transferred approximately 26 acres of land for the city’s airport redevelopment, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has initiated the bidding process to select the agency for the construction of the Parallel Taxiway (PTT), Isolation Bay and other facilities at Jayprakash Narayan International Airport.
The proposed facilities will improve runway capacity, reduce flight delays and help combat fear of emergencies.
In addition, runway surfacing, taxiway, shoulder and apron development as well as construction of PTT and related works like construction of perimeter wall and tower security watch. If all goes well, all works will start simultaneously by October this year and should be completed by 2023.
According to the detailed project report, a 1,730 meter long PTT will rise towards the boundary wall of BIT-Patna. This will increase the flight handling capacity of the runway, as airlines will quickly return the aircraft to dock via PTT after landing and clear the runway for other aircraft to take off or land. Currently, pilots must taxi the aircraft to the end of the runway and perform a 180 degree turn to return to the apron.
According to airport officials, the PTT will allow airlines to operate their flights on time, reducing the wait for passengers to reach their destinations. The facility will increase runway capacity to almost three times the existing capacity. Currently, Patna Airport handles 10 flights per hour with five arriving and departing. It will be developed using the fund to the tune of Rs 42 crore.
Isolation Bay will span 12 acres on the south side of the runway, between the airport boundary and the train tracks. This is a special parking space for an aircraft facing emergency situations like hijackings or bomb threats. “This bay is usually kept in a remote section of the airport, so that in the event of a threat, the normal situation can continue as usual,” the aviation experts said.
KS Vijayan, General Manager (Engineering), Projects, AAI-Patna said the tender has been issued for the PTT, isolation bay, apron, runway re-carpeting and other allied structures. “The estimated cost of the project is around 83 crore. The re-carpeting of the existing runway will take place overnight, so that flight operations are not affected,” he said.
He said that the six existing aprons at Patna Airport will be connected to the upcoming PTT, while two other aprons (parking bays) will come under this project near the terminal. “More aprons are proposed for the long-term plan after the demolition of the existing terminal. At present, two more aprons will come, which will increase the flight parking capacity to eight. All new facilities will improve the city’s airport and provide support for the new airport terminal local“, said Vijayan.
The new building and other infrastructure of the city’s airport will be ready by December 2023 with an estimated expenditure of Rs 1,216.9 crore, which will increase the annual passenger handling capacity up to 80 lakh per year .

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